Dewcember Journal Entry No. 9

Hi everyone, Dewey the Owl Here!

Today I had the chance to visit the Hagen Ranch Road Branch. First of all, let me tell you, the branch may look big on the outside, but when you get inside, it’s even bigger! When I stepped inside, the first place I stopped was the magnificent Children’s area. Boy, was there a lot to explore in there. When I first walked into the Children’s department, I was greeted by a huge tree with a swing just my size. I could see all of the lovely books the department had to offer from my newfound perch. From there, I delved deeper into the area, past all of the beautiful artwork that surrounds the area and found the library’s family-friendly pod. What a great resource this is! I can play and read in the play area, and someone can be next to me using the working desk. So cool!! 

Alex Cross Must Die

From there, I traveled to the Teens area, a super colorful spot in the middle of the library where I had a chance to sit down and read a book. I couldn’t sit down for too much longer because I had more of the library to explore…plus I heard rumblings of a special event happening later on that I just couldn’t miss… The library is so big I could get lost in there for days. Not to mention, their book displays were out of this world! After wandering through the super huge stacks full of all of my favorite books, I decided to check out their DVD section which I heard all about and what did I find, but a section of DVDs that were signed in ASL. I had never seen that before! Then, I headed over to the library’s huge meeting room. The big event was getting set up inside. The kind library staff asked me if I could help them set up and I was happy to do it. I was practically shaking in excitement! 

Okay, I can’t hold it in any longer…. Mike Lupica and James Patterson were coming to do a very special author talk! They even invited me backstage to snap a few pictures with them. I was starstruck! I’ll definitely be coming back here again soon!

This is Dewey the Owl signing off, wishing you all a happy Dew-cember!

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