Disability & Neurodiversity Resources

Serving the information and access needs of community members with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities by providing services, technology, resources, books and more.

We are committed to fostering and maintaining a welcoming, accessible environment for all by supporting and celebrating our community’s various learning styles and functional needs through our service, spaces, materials, and resources.

Sensory Friendly Browsing Hour

The Palm Beach County Library System invites individuals of all ages and abilities to our Sensory Friendly Browsing Hour! The library is designating an hour at locations throughout the County to provide an opportunity for disability & neurodiversity families to browse the Library in a calm, judgement-free environment. Opportunities include using the computer, getting a Library card and receiving assistance from staff to find exactly what you're looking for!

More from the Library


Have you ever heard the term “neurodiversity” and wondered what it meant? Harvard Health says that “Neurodiversity describes the idea…

Assistance for the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing

We offer a number of different resources to make our events more inclusive for the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Accessibility at the library

As you can imagine, we love reading here at the library. Did you know we offer lots of different accessible reading options?

Neurodiversity & Disability Books

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