Dewcember Journal Entry No. 8

Hey everyone! Dewey the Owl here!

Today I headed west to the Acreage Branch Library which is nestled among plenty of serene nature. Before even stepping inside I noticed a horse pitch for actual horses! They take the West very seriously here. Maybe this will be the location of my Cowboy film debut! After sitting on a pitch I decided to go inside and begin my tour. Right as I walked into the foyer I was greeted by a gorgeous solar-powered orange-themed chandelier which anyone can turn on! Did you know this branch is a Leed Certified Green Building? That means they take environmentalism very seriously here.

I headed inside to check out their perfectly decorated bookshelves and displays. Everything has a theme! From popular Latino actors to prominent music stars and hey I even got to sit next to a Tardis. I then waltzed into the children’s department and out of the corner of my little owl eye I saw a  me-sized rocket! I then walked through the shelves upon shelves of picture books and somehow ended up in the Teen’s room. By the window, the staff had put together a display of their favorite #1000blackgirlkbooks, I’ll have to add those to my reading list for sure.

Swim Team

As I turned the corner I couldn’t believe my eyes! They had crafted a huge tree which I just had to perch on. I felt right at home. Then it was time to explore deeper. Venturing further into the branch, I ran into the coolest manga and graphic novel collection. I mean, there. Is. So. Much! And in the same area, tucked away in the sunniest part of the building, an entire collection of books and magazines on nature and horticulture. They even had a magazine about bees, the best pollinators. Well, that wraps up the tour of this awesome branch.  Until next time, Acreage Branch Library!

This is Dewey the Owl signing off, wishing you all a happy Dew-cember!

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