Printing & Scanning


Printing and copying are available at all locations.

      • Black and White Copies $0.25 each
      • Color Copies $0.50 each

The machines accept cash only: no bills larger than $5.00.


Wi-Fi Printing from home, your laptop or your mobile device

You can now print from your PC/laptop, iPad and smartphone. Submit documents to print from wherever you are. This service works to print from any internet-connected device to the Library branch closest to you. You can pay for and pick up your documents at the branch that you selected.


All public copiers are equipped to scan to email and to a USB drive. For assistance, a staff member would be happy to help!


Scan to Email

In order to scan to email you must have a valid email address. The maximum file size for scan to email is 25 MB.


Scan to USB

If using a USB drive, we encourage the public to bring in their own. However, 2 GB USB drives are also for sale at the Member Services Desk for $2.00.

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