Policies & Guidelines

Behavior that interferes with the use of the library by other members or staff, causes damage to buildings or equipment, or is inconsistent with the Library’s mission is prohibited.

The following behavior, as well as any other behavior that disrupts public use of the library, is prohibited:

  • Creating any disturbance that interferes with the normal operations of the library, including refusal to leave when library is closing
  • Verbally, physically, or sexually harassing any person or staff member
  • Nonverbal intimidation or harassment of any person or staff member, including but not limited to such activities as stalking
  • Abusive or loud language/behavior
  • Pushing or shoving
  • Bodily hygiene that is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to other persons
  • Leaving young children or adults needing assistance unattended
  • Leaving any bags or personal items unattended
  • Blocking or impeding progress of patrons into or through the library
  • Using audio or other personal equipment that disturbs others or interferes with library service
  • Abuse or vandalism of library materials, equipment or property
  • Wearing cleats, skates, rollerblades or other items that could damage the facility
  • Inappropriate use of library computers, including but not limited to: damaging, altering, or tampering with equipment or software; manipulating or interfering with the computer sign-up and printing software; displaying, sending, or printing obscene materials
  • Eating food in non-designated areas; drinks in covered containers are allowed
  • Selling or soliciting except with County permit
  • Smoking, including using vaporizers or electronic cigarettes, in library facilities or in non-designated outside areas
  • Bringing animals, except service animals as defined in the American with Disabilities Act, into the library
  • Failure to wear shoes/footwear and/or clothing that covers the upper and lower body
  • Loitering or trespassing on library property for any activity other than library business
  • Using bathrooms for any activity other than the intended purpose for the facilities
  • Entering non-public areas such as staff workrooms or any areas marked “staff only” without permission
  • Removing library materials without checking them out
  • Dangerous/Illegal behavior
  • Carrying a weapon, except as permitted by Florida Statute Chapter 790. All persons entering this building consent to search to ensure compliance.

Violators will receive a warning and an opportunity to cease. Repeat or serious violations may result in suspension of Library privileges.

All persons who have been issued a Trespass Notice may appeal the decision within ten business days in writing to the Director of the PBC Library System at 3650 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33406. The written appeal must include the person’s statement of events. The Trespass Notice remains in effect pending review. The Director of the PBC Library System will respond to the appeal within ten business days.

Established through the authority of the Palm Beach County Library Policies & Procedures, #CLO-101 CLO-101/Attachment B

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