Dewcember Journal Entry No. 13

Hey everyone! Dewey the Owl Here!

Today I went to the West Boynton Branch Library, a cozy little place surrounded by nature. And this place is decked out for the winter! I’m talking about entire snow-covered fields overlooking mountains. Perfect for a photo op. And hey, one of the displays had another owl perched on it….. hmm looks kind of familiar don’t you think?

After enjoying the chilly weather for a bit, I decided to continue my exploration and whoa, this place has the perfect study area! There was so much sunlight coming through the big windows and outside was a very serene canal. I grabbed a scrapbook displaying the history of the branch and became one with nature for a bit. Talk about being at peace.

All that quiet was making me hungry for playtime so off to the Children’s Area I went. And guess what? They have book bundles too! Perfect for a little reader like me. I noticed some of their computers had really large keyboards, meant for people who need a little extra help with typing. How cool is that? And that’s not all, they had their own chilly display for me to enjoy. It seems this branch takes creativity very seriously because I kept finding these pretty painted rocks and stained glass butterflies. This place was so bright and colorful, they even had cool images of wildlife etched onto their windows!

After leaving the children’s area, I made my way back to the member’s services desk because they had a cool random title jar. I put my wing in and crossed my fingers that luck would pick out something good for me to read. And ta-da! Destiny chose “Practice Makes Perfect” by Sarah Adams. Sweet! Now it was time to go enjoy my new book in a secret location only the cool kids know about, a secret bench nestled in nature and overlooking the canal. What a perfect way to end a day.

Well, that’s it for this adventure my friends. This is Dewey the Owl signing off, wishing you a super duper Dewcember!

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