Dewcember Journal Entry No. 12

Hey everyone! Dewey the Owl here!

Today I got to visit two branches: the Glades Road Branch Library and the West Boca Branch Library! First stop: The Glades Road Branch Library. This was one of the more unique-looking branches I’ve visited so far. It looks tiny on the outside, but once inside, the building stretches out for what seems like forever! I traveled deeper into the branch and was met by picturesque windows and a rich green backdrop of Florida palms and lush trees. That’s right everyone, the very back wall of this building is almost entirely made up of windows. Ah, the perfect place to sit and read! Something caught my eye in the Teen Room and when I looked up, I saw all of these cool hand-made masks! Maybe they’ll make one of me one day. It was time to head to the Children’s Section and wow, there were so many cutouts of my favorite book characters as well as perfectly sized toys to play with, just for me.

Maisy's Christmas Presents

Then it was time to go to the West Boca Branch which was an almost straight shot from the Glades Road Branch. The building stands in front of a grassy green field and also hides a cool little secret, but that’s for later. Once I entered I noticed that the staff took decorating seriously! A snowman, an ice skating ring, giant popcorn, and oh, giant pumpkins!  After climbing shelves and stacks I went to one of the catalog computers to see what kinds of books they had on owls and was pretty impressed by their collection! After that, I went into the teen room and you guys won’t believe it, there was a Little Free Library box that looked like a house! I then saw a sign on the window that was asking for post-it note poems. I don’t know how to write poetry so I just let them know that I had been there. I then flocked over to the children's area where they had the coolest book bundles ready to go for even the youngest reader.

Beginners' Guide to Gardening

Ok, big reveal time! This Branch’s big secret? They have a volunteer-run community garden in the back! They had everything from actual pumpkins to yummy figs. Ahh the great outdoors, I could sit out here forever! Glades Road and Boca, you were full of surprises!

That’s it for this adventure folks.  This is Dewey the Owl wish you all a super duper Dewcember!

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