Dewcember Journal Entry No. 11

Hey everyone, Dewey the Owl here!

Today, I went to visit the Royal Palm Beach Branch. What a great time I had there! When I first pulled up to the branch, I was impressed by all of the dense foliage. I felt like I was stepping into a jungle. When I went inside, I was in awe of the beautiful, big fans on the ceiling. What a great way to keep cool in the Florida heat! Then, I saw something that chilled me to my bones – a Winter holiday book display! There were so many great books for me to choose from and I even got to say “hi” to a tiny reindeer! There was also a cool display of holiday CDs, including Charlie Brown’s Holiday Hits, my personal favorite! Throughout the branch, I saw so many dinosaurs, like so many it was a bit scary… Luckily, they were all dressed up in winter gear, so I wasn’t too worried.

Charlie Brown's holiday hits

My first stop was the branch’s Teen Room, a cozy little spot where I was able to read a magazine and lounge on the couch searching for my next great read. I couldn’t stay there forever otherwise I would have missed out on the rest of this beautiful branch. From there, I strolled the stacks and was amazed at how well-organized the nonfiction section was. The signs made it so easy to find the exact genre I was looking for. After strolling the stacks for a little while, I thought it was time to go check out their Children’s area, and boy, was I impressed. They were all decked out with winter decorations – there were snowmen and snowflakes galore! I loved their “Warm Up With a Good Book” door display – I approve that message! The Children’s area also had a great display set up with many different winter holiday books; I wanted to take them all home. Royal Palm Beach Branch has one of the best storytime rooms I have ever seen. It was decorated so nicely! After checking out the storytime room, I just wanted to play so I headed straight to the computer, put on some headphones and checked out ABCmouse where I got to enjoy so many fun games. Don’t get me started on the toys they had available for me to play with too; the playtable was my favorite. Before heading out, the Children’s staff surprised me by giving me a Christmas card – how thoughtful of them!! As I was walking towards the door, I noticed that I had missed a very cute display of all of the winter holidays by the Member Services Desk. I’m so glad that I saw it. This branch is so festive. I can’t wait to come back soon and see how they decorate for the rest of the year!

This is Dewey the Owl signing off, wishing you all a happy Dew-cember!

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