Dewcember Journal Entry No. 10

Hi there, everyone! Dewey the Owl here!

Boy, do I have a treat for you today! Today, I was lucky enough to get to go to the Wellington Branch. I’ve always loved this branch, but haven’t gotten a chance to see it since its renovation. As soon as I pulled up to the library, the nostalgia hit me. The outside looks the same, but what about the inside? I walked up to the doors, and as they opened, I could see all of the fabulous changes that this branch has undergone. The ceilings are so high, it feels like the building goes on for miles! And the natural light that the big windows throughout the branch bring into the building is unreal. It makes this branch feel even more homey.

My first stop was to the branch’s CreationStation, a fun little place with so much to do inside – there’s equipment available to record music, do a podcast, use the Adobe suite of products and so much more. What did I do in there today, you may ask? I watched a fellow creative as he was working on editing a music video…so cool! From there, I went right next door to the branch’s Co-Space, the first (and currently only) flexible workspace for the Library System. I walked into the room and was in awe of how much space there was in there. There are tables and chairs galore with plenty of room to host a large meeting. There’s even a SMART board that you can write on. I was able to hold a little meeting in there myself. I think everyone loved what I had to say.

The Christmas Appeal

After my meeting, I heard some commotion outside and what do I see, but a PBSO Therapy dog named Charlie! He was so sweet, he even let me take a quick picture with him. After saying goodbye to Charlie, I headed over to the Teen room. It was so peaceful there; there were so many books for me to choose from. I couldn’t pick just one! Right outside the Teen room are the various other study rooms the branch has to offer. There were study rooms for days!! There were even some comfy chairs throughout the branch that doubled as little study spots – so unique. After getting some studying done, I headed over to the Children’s area and, boy, was it huge! There were so many books available to me at my reading level. And so many computers too, I couldn’t believe it! I could stay in the Children’s area for hours… Before I left I just had to check out some of the awesome book displays they had around including, my favorite, the Holiday Mysteries one. I picked out one book, “The Christmas Appeal,” by Janice Hallett, decided I wanted to return it and check something else out and, wham! I was sucked into the return machine! I decided to just go with it and ride my book into one of the cool return bins. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That left me all tuckered out, so I decided it was time to go home. See you soon Wellington Branch!

This is Dewey the Owl signing off, wishing you all a happy Dew-cember!

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