Sustainably Yours, Acreage Branch

While the Library System is proud to include environmental protection among its top priorities, the Acreage Branch is your premier destination for all things eco-friendly.... and of course, free for all ages! As Palm Beach County government's first LEED-certified building, the Acreage Branch has always devoted a special focus to sustainable living through its collection, activities and even its interior decor! Monthly green-living events such as lectures from the Extension Service and a "Garden Talks" series bring the best that Palm Beach County has to offer residents.

When you enter the building, look up: "The orange tree sculpture pays homage to the integral role sunlight plays in creating the Acreage's orange grove industry. Photovoltaic panels on the roof capture sunlight to charge illuminated glass oranges, linking solar energy's modern use to its historical role in agriculture." Completed in 2012, the luminous sculpture installation was created by Laura Haddad & Tom Drugan and is made of polished and etched stainless steel, hand-blown glass, acrylic, LED lights, solar panels, DC solar batteries, polycrystalline solar cells, analog and digital meters, paper and silk-screened enamel on tempered glass.