Dewcember Journal Entry No. 3

Hey, Dewey the Owl here!

Today I went to the Lantana Road Branch Library and holy moly, is it big! Walking through the stacks, it is so easy to get lost. Not to mention this place is full of cool stuff to do and so much to explore! I saw their Freinds of the Library display and just knew I had to check it out. There are so many good books to choose from and I couldn’t believe that I could buy them for such little money and take it home today. Too bad I forgot my allowance.


I got to hang out in the Children’s department, checking out books to fit into my little wings and got to practice my signature. I think I’m getting really good at it! They had a super cute book display all about owls that was calling my name.....I wonder why. They were also showcasing different inclusivity warriors, which is something they do every month. How awesome is that? I decided I needed to get some work done so I borrowed a laptop from the Research Services desk and used the internet while sitting in this super comfy study nook. Afterward, the branch’s CreationStation was calling me, so I answered. There is so much one can do in the CreationStation, write a song using the provided piano, film a TikTok video, or even Photoshop your face onto Duolingo’s body.. That last one’s just me? Oh, okay....... And with that, my time at the Lantana Road Branch was over.

Until next time, it’s Dewey signing off. Have a great Dew-cember!

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