Dewcember Journal Entry No. 14

Hey, friends! Dewey the Owl here!

Today was super awesome because I visited the coolest place ever – the Bookmobile! It's like a library on wheels, zooming around the county and bringing books to everyone!

Guess what? This Bookmobile traveled from Ohio! That's super far away, right? And it's dedicated to the brave firefighters from 9/11. So, so cool!

The people who work here are extra special. They taught me how to sign because they care a lot about making the library accessible to everyone. They even have informative signs in different languages for friends from all around the world!

Time to go! I hopped into the driver's seat, started the engine, and off we went. Vroom, vroom!

What an amazing journey! I saw and did so many things. The library has something for everyone, from tiny babies to grown-ups. Thanks for hanging out with me on this super fun adventure, and maybe we'll see each other again next year for another awesome Dewcember! Bye, everyone!

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