Celebrate National Jazz Appreciation Month!

Since its designation by the National Museum of American History in 2001, April has proudly stood as Jazz Appreciation Month, celebrating the rich heritage and vibrant legacy of this quintessentially American art form. This annual recognition serves as a catalyst, inspiring individuals of all ages to immerse themselves in the world of jazz—to not only listen to its mesmerizing melodies but also to explore its history, attend live performances, delve into literature about jazz and engage in various activities that foster a deeper appreciation for this genre.

Jazz, with its roots tracing back to the bustling streets of early 20th-century New Orleans, quickly captivated the hearts and ears of people across the United States, eventually transcending borders to captivate audiences worldwide. Its evolution and influence have been profound, shaping the landscape of music and culture in countless ways.

At the forefront of jazz are trailblazing artists whose names resonate with greatness: Ella Fitzgerald, whose velvety voice and impeccable technique earned her the title "First Lady of Song"; Louis Armstrong, whose virtuosity on the trumpet and distinctive gravelly voice made him an icon; Billie Holiday, whose hauntingly emotive singing style continues to stir souls; Duke Ellington, the maestro of jazz composition and orchestration; Charlie Parker, whose innovative improvisation revolutionized the genre; Miles Davis, a visionary whose explorations in modal jazz and fusion pushed boundaries; and John Coltrane, whose spiritual journey through music left an indelible mark on jazz and beyond.

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of jazz, the Palm Beach County Library System offers a treasure trove of jazz-related fiction and non-fiction books, providing insights into the lives of these legendary musicians and the history of jazz itself. We also provide a gateway to jazz through our digital resources such as hoopla and Freegal.

Preregister to watch a performance by award-winning singer-songwriter, Robert Ross, at our Glades Road Branch on April 14!