Assistive Technology at the Library

Our Collection

At the Palm Beach County Library System, we strive to serve all members of the community. With this goal in mind, we provide assistive technology at every branch for those who need it. Listed below are items and technology offered upon request.

Maggie Magnifier

Elevate your reading experience with the Maggie Magnifier. This portable marvel empowers you to read with ease. Its compact design and advanced optics ensure sharp and clear magnification for printed text, whether it's a book, menu or document. The lightweight construction and user-friendly features make it an indispensable tool for individuals with visual disabilities. Revolutionize your reading on the go and embrace a new level of independence and accessibility with the Maggie Magnifier.

Adesso EasyTouch 123 Keyboard

The Library is proud to offer the Adesso EasyTouch 123 Keyboard available at our branches. This luminous, multimedia-enhanced keyboard is designed for seamless, accessible typing. Elevate your typing experience with durability, comfort and versatile functionality.

Microsoft Screen Magnifier Software

Magnifier software is included as a shortcut on all public desktops to make words and images on the screen bigger and easier to see. The software also enlarges the mouse, making it easier to identify on the screen.

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