Navigating Our New Library Website: Simplifying Content Discovery

Welcome to the new Palm Beach County Library System website! In this version, we've placed a strong emphasis on making navigation and content discovery a seamless experience.

We are happy to provide a user-friendly platform where you can find information quickly and efficiently. Below, we'll explore the key features that enable effortless wayfinding.

  1. Intuitive Search Bar
    At the core of our website's navigation lies a powerful and intuitive search bar. Gone are the days of sifting and scrolling through endless pages to find what you need. Simply enter your content keywords and the search will populate the most relevant results. In addition, you can filter the search by types of media. You can choose specific formats such as books, blogs, online resources, staff book lists and more. Give it a try, we think you'll love it.
  2. User-Friendly Menus
    To complement our search feature, we have developed a user-friendly menu structure. Content is now structured in a logical and intuitive order. Whether you're interested in exploring different genres, subjects, specific collections or all of our services, the menu presents clear categories. By clicking on the relevant sections, you can dive into curated content and easily navigate between different areas of interest.
  3. Dynamic Event Listings
    Sort, filter and sign-up for events using our new more intuitive event listings system. The new events page provides extensive filtering options honing in on event types, language, audience and more! In addition, registration for events has become more user-friendly. The new system sends confirmation emails and allows users to be added to a waitlist if the event is full.