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Dazzle the sky with intricate snowflakes you'll learn to make! Ages 8 & up. (60 min.)

Be ready for paint and dress to get messy because we will be creating paintings with hand and finger prints! Ages 4 & up. (60 min.)

Come learn how to play this fascinating game. Already know how to play? Join us for a few games to sharpen your skills! Ages 8-12. (60 min.)

Join us for stories and crafts, and then play the fishing game! You'll never know what kind of tale you'll catch when you're caught reading! Ages 4-7. (45 min.)

You can tell which animal passed by from the scat and tracks it left behind. We'll learn how to track various animals based on these clues. Then we'll create some tracks and scat to take home. Ages 8 & up. (90 min.)

Prerequisite: Word Processing - Basic Build on the basics to learn more features to customize documents. Contact your branch for class specifics. (60 min.-2 hr.) Preregister.