It’s Back To School PBC!

Back to School PBC is back! This initiative is sponsored by Palm Beach County and community partners such as The Spirit of Giving, Children's Services Council, the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office and the Office of Community Revitalization, which aims to provide children with free school supplies and other resources. Spearheaded by The Spirit of Giving, this yearly drive is made possible by the thousands of volunteers working in tandem to make sure children receive much-needed supplies. Just last year, this event was able to help 10,000 students across Palm Beach County!

This is more than just a school supplies drive, it is a call to action for community leaders and local organizations! The goal is to empower the local youth and set them up for academic success during the school year. Not only can children expect school supplies but academic resources as well. 

The deadline for registration is Wed, May 01 and the event is scheduled for Sat, Aug 03. To register, students must reside in designated neighborhoods or mobile home parks in unincorporated Palm Beach County. Registration is required. Please follow the link to sign up: Registration

¡Está abierta la inscripción para el evento de regreso de clases del Condado de Palm Beach!

Para poder inscribirse, los estudiantes deben vivir en barrios designados o parques de casas móviles en la zona no incorporada del Condado de Palm Beach. Es necesario que el estudiante se registre para participar en el evento. La inscripción termina el 1 de mayo. El evento de regreso de clases se realizará el 3 de agosto. Regístrese en línea: Registracion

Enskripsyon louvri kounyeya pou pwogram reouvèti lekòl PBC an 2024!

Elèv yo dwe abite nan katye ki deziyen yo oswa nan pak kay mobile yo ki nan rejyon Kinte Palm Beach la pou yo ka enskri. Enskrypsyon obligatwa pou yon elèv patisipe nan evènman an. Enskripsyon an ap fini 1 Me. Pwogram pou reouvèti lekòl la ap fèt 3 Out. Tanpri enskri sou entènèt la nan: Enskripsyon