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10:00 am - Ages 2-3. Toddler Story Time.
(30 min.)


11:00 am - Ages 13-23 mos. Wee Folks Story Time. (30 min.)


10:00 am - Ages 4-12 mos. Baby Lapsit.
(30 min.)

11:00 am - Ages 3-5. Preschool Story Time.
(45 min.)


10:00 am - Ages 2-3. Toddler Story Time.
(30 min.)

What was that? Did you hear something? We'll give each other the shivers, but not too bad. There'll be a fun and goofy craft and a short movie appropriate to the season. Ages 5-9. (60 min.)

We are having a special fall-themed story time for babies and their caregivers. Enjoy finger plays, rhymes and books all about pumpkins, apples and the fall. Ages 4-12 mos. (30 min.)

©Walt Disney Pictures. (30 min.) Join us for a movie and craft. Ages 4 & up. (60 min.) TV-G

Is a pumpkin a fruit or vegetable? Do they only grow in the fall? Find out all this and more at our special story time all about pumpkins. Ages 3-5. (45 min.)

It's National Cookie Month! Join us for the delicious cookie themed story time. Refreshments will be provided. Ages 3-5. (45 min.)