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4:00 pm - Ages 5-8.


10:00 am - Ages 1-2.

10:45 am - Ages 3-12 mos.


10:00 am - Ages 1-2.

10:45 am - Ages 30 mos.-5. Bilingual.


10:00 am - Ages 1-2.

10:45 am - Ages 3-5.


10:30 am - Ages 1-2.

Can't come to story times on weekday mornings? Bring the whole family to our monthly evening story time. All ages. (45 min.)

Discover the basics of chess with an award-winning instructor. Age 8-12. (30 min.)

Learn to compose slides and to add eye-catching effects to your presentations. (60 min.) Preregister.
Learn the basics of using Microsoft Word to create and edit documents. Some computer experience is necessary. (60 min.-2 hr.) Preregister.
Learn how to use a Web Directory, search engines and other specialized search tools. (60-90 min.)
Learn the basics of moving around in the Windows environment and practice using a mouse. (60 min.) Preregister.

Try your hand at a variety of projects for crafty kids to create and enjoy. Ages 3-8. (45 min.)