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Families are invited for stories and skits! There's a part for everyone: behind the scenes, center stage or as a member of the cheering audience! All ages. (60 min.)

Bridges of Pahokee will help us celebrate the joys of summer (reading & ice cream, of course!) and our many successful readers! Join the fun and stay cool as we congratulate our readers and create ice cream sundaes! All ages. (2 hr.)


3:00 pm - Ages 5 & up. Camp LVY. (45 min.)


10:00 am - Ages 1-2. Toddler Story Times. (45 min.)


3:00 pm - Ages 5 & up. Summertime Arts & Crafts. (45 min.)


10:00 am - Ages 3-5. Summer Story Times. (45 min.)

2:00 pm - Ages 5 & up. Camp LVY. (45 min.)

3:00 pm - Ages 5 & up. Camp LVY (45 min.)

Join us for cool, summertime fun and express yourself through a variety of creative projects! Ages 5 & up. (45 min.)

Stories, music and creative activities for our youngest patrons and their parents. Ages 1-2. (45 min.)

Stories, music and creative activities for children and their parents. Ages 3-5. (45 min.)

Discover secret formulas for creating slime, goo and other fairly revolting concoctions! Ages 5 & up. (45 min.)

Make waves and express yourself at this adventure in color! Ages 5 & up. (45 min.)

More fun with sea life and ocean lore! Ages 5 & up. (45 min.)

Guess who's coming to our coral reef? Help create amazing sea life and a fabulous coral reef mural! Ages 5 & up. (45 min.)