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Read Down Your Fines

Children can now spend time reading in the library, and earn "credits" to pay overdue fines on their library cards, purchase a replacement card, or buy a book bag (15 mins. = One Dewey Buck). The credit does not apply to charges for lost or damaged materials.

How it works:

  1. Children and teens up to age 17 can participate.
  2. To receive "Dewey Bucks," children must sign in with a Youth Service staff member who will record time.
  3. While in the library, they can get credit for:
    • Reading by themselves.
    • Reading to/with younger children.
    • If children are reading to each other, both earn credit.
  4. Any print media will be accepted, e.g. books, magazines and newspapers.
  5. Upon completing 15 minutes of reading, a “Dewey Buck” will be issued by library staff member.
  6. "Dewey Bucks" can be redeemed at the Library's circulation desk to remove overdue fines, purchase a replacement card, or buy a book bag.
  7. Fines must be paid first before any other purchase.