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Through Mon, Sep 08, the Belle Glade Branch parking lot will be getting paved. At times, areas of the parking lot will be closed.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Read Down Your Fines

Starting Jun 01, 2014, children can spend time reading in the library, and earn "credits" to pay overdue fines on their library cards, purchase a replacement card, or buy a book bag (15 mins. = One Dewey Buck). The credit does not apply to charges for lost or damaged materials.

How it works:

  1. Children and teens up to age 17 can participate.
  2. To receive "Dewey Bucks," children must sign in with a Youth Service staff member who will record time.
  3. While in the library, they can get credit for:
    • Reading by themselves.
    • Reading to/with younger children.
    • If children are reading to each other, both earn credit.
  4. Any print media will be accepted, e.g. books, magazines and newspapers.
  5. Upon completing 15 minutes of reading, a “Dewey Buck” will be issued by library staff member.
  6. "Dewey Bucks" can be redeemed at the Library's circulation desk to remove overdue fines, purchase a replacement card, or buy a book bag.
  7. Fines must be paid first before any other purchase.