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All Palm Beach County Library System locations will be closed on Mon, Sep 01, for Labor Day. No materials will be due on this day.
Starting Wed, Aug 27, the Belle Glade Branch parking lot will be getting paved. At times, areas of the parking lot will be closed.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
The Great CoursesĀ® Documentaries: Einstein's Relativity & the Quantum Revolution
Okeechobee Boulevard Branch
Thu, Sep 05, 3:00 pm

Time Travel, Tunneling, Tennis and Tea; Heaven and Earth, Place and Motion; The Clockwork Universe.

Thu, Sep 12, 3:00 pm

Let There Be Light; Speed, Relative to What ?; Earth and the Ether-a Crises in Physics.

Thu, Sep 19, 3:00 pm

Einstein to the Rescue; Uncommon Sense-Stretching Time; Muons and Time-Traveling Twins.

Thu, Sep 26, 3:00 pm

Escaping Contradiction-Simultaneity is Relative; Faster Than Light? Past, Future,and Elsewhere.

If you are confused about Einstein, physics, and all that relativity stuff, attend this 24-lecture series for non-scientists. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library. (90 min). Shown with permission. Not rated.