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Read Down Your Fines with "Dewey Bucks"

Children and teens under 18 can earn Dewey Bucks to pay off their overdue fines by reading at one of the Palm Beach County Library System locations. Once signed in at the children’s desk, children will receive a Dewey Buck for every 15 minutes spent reading. Dewey Bucks can be used at the Library’s member services desk to remove overdue fines, purchase a replacement card, or buy a book bag.

While in the library, children receive credit for:

  • Reading by themselves.
  • Reading to/with younger children.
  • If children are reading to each other, both earn credit.

Reading any print media (books, magazines and newspapers) earns Dewey Bucks. Fines must be paid first before any other purchase can be made. Dewey Bucks cannot be redeemed for lost or damaged materials.

"Since June 1, 2014 about 570,000 minutes or about 9,500 hours of reading was completed by children in Palm Beach County," said Library Director Doug Crane. "The program has been very successful but we want to encourage more students to take advantage of the program especially in the summer months so that they avoid the summer slump."