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cloudLibrary is our new e-book/e-audiobook service. This service has replaced Axis360.
E-audiobooks from Overdrive have been moved to cloudLibrary as well.

The Board of County Commissioners serves as the legislative body for the county government. This site includes maps to help residents determine their district and provides contact information for all 7 county commissioners.

Constitutional officer provides election resources for Palm Beach County such as election results, early voting sites and absentee ballots.

Business and residential tax collection information and searchable records are found on this site.

The official web site of Sheriff’s Office allows access to county law enforcement services.

Homestead exemption information and a searchable “PAPA” database are provided by the Property Appraiser.

The official web site of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners and departments.

The Clerk & Comptroller provides court services and safeguards public funds and records for County government.