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CreationStation is now open at the Palm Beach County Library. Explore, learn, create pictures, words, film, or music, and share your voice with the community.

    Creation Station includes:
  • A digital media lab in the library to create content: video, audio, podcasts, and image editing.
  • Orientations and information on how to use the equipment in CreationStation and how to share your work on the web.
  • The CreationStation website to share and showcase created content.

CreationStation is located at the Main branch of the Palm Beach County Library at 3650 Summit Boulevard in West Palm Beach. The lab opens at the same time as the library and remains open until a half hour before library closing time. The lab is open to Palm Beach County residents ages 18 and up (children and teens must be accompanied by a responsible adult). Read the complete list of usage guidelines. To reserve for a 2-hour session, contact the Main Library Serials Desk at 561 233-2600.

CreationStation Demonstration
Main Library
Tue, Apr 07, 1:00 pm
Digital Camcorder.
Tue, Apr 14, 1:00 pm
Using a Green Screen.
Tue, Apr 21, 1:00 pm
Tue, Apr 28, 1:00 pm
Using a Drawing Tablet.
Learn about the CreationStation digital media lab at the Main Library. Library staff will demonstrate one way that CreationStation can be used to create multi-media projects. You'll also find out how you can share your work on the CreationStation website. Space is limited. (30 min.)
CreationStation Teen Time
Main Library
Tue, Apr 07, 5:00 pm
Tue, Apr 14, 5:00 pm
Tue, Apr 28, 5:00 pm
Teens will have the opportunity to work with any specific software or equipment currently featured. Have you wanted to create your own mix in GarageBand? Do some editing with Photoshop? Begin creating your own video game? Shoot and edit your own film? The CreationStation can help with that! A CreationStation mentor will be on hand to assist teens during the open time. (2 hr.)
Photoshop - Basic (Lecture)
Main Library
Tue, Apr 21, 10:00 am, Tue, Apr 28, 10:00 am
Discover how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit images. You'll learn about Photoshop layers, how to resize and retouch photos, and how to add special effects to your images. (60 min.) Preregister.