90 Years of Library Services in
the Tri-Cities Proclamation

WHEREAS, in 1929, the Women’s Club opened a small library in the Belle Glade City Hall, circulating books throughout the Tri-City area, and in 1935, the first librarian was hired. In 1938, Pahokee began library service in a Methodist Church, and;

WHEREAS, in 1967, Belle Glade moved the library into a permanent building on Main Street, and in 1976, with the Lawrence E. Will Museum was added to the building to preserve the history of the Glades. In Pahokee, the library was named after Loula V. York who was a school teacher in the city for 34 years, and;

WHEREAS, in 1986, the Belle Glade Municipal Library joined the Palm Beach County Library System followed in 1989 by the Loula V. York Branch, and in 1992 by a new library in South Bay that was built through the dedicated work of Mayor Clarence E. Anthony after whom the branch is named, and;

WHEREAS, in 2013, the Belle Glade Branch moved to its new permanent location on NW 4th Street that includes a Civic Center available to the whole community in partnership with the City of Belle Glade, and;

WHEREAS, the Palm Beach County Library System celebrates 50 years of service in 2019 and honors the pioneering community members who championed the value of library service to their towns and cities.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA, assembled in regular session this 12th day of March 2019, that Palm Beach County hereby celebrates:

BE IT FURTHER PROCLAIMED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA, that this proclamation is duly sealed, ribboned and executed by the members of this Board. The foregoing Proclamation was sponsored by Commissioner Melissa McKinlay, and upon unanimous consent of the Board, the Mayor declared the Proclamation duly enacted.

(l-r) Commissioner Melissa McKinlay, Library Advisory Board Chair Mary Kendall, Clarence E Anthony Branch Library Library Associate IV Christian Petitfrere, Loula V York Branch Library Library Associate IV Ellen Kentner, Phyllis Lilley, Belle Glade Library Library Associate V Patricia Rawls and Library Director Douglas Crane)